Make Albany Great Again!

Very happy to be joining our friends Nixon’s Spirit, Society High, and Jesse Calhoun on stage once again.


Smittix-Day Parade Show!

On March 11th Smittix will be playing the 4th annual Smittix-Day Parade festivities for the 3rd time at Pauly’s Hotel in Albany. Yes, there was a year we couldn’t play but we are back with a ton of new material. We will be announcing our special guests very soon for this show.


Continental with Smittix and Boxer Brown

“Continental” was founded by Rick Barton and his son Stephen Barton. Rick was an original founding member of “Dropkick Murphys” and has also played in other influential Boston punk bands such as: “Everybody Out!” and “The Outlets”. Another recent project of Rick’s is “FM359”, which consists of himself and current “Street Dogs” members Mike McColgan Read More