March 3rd Show Review

I had to share this… Regarding March 3rd’s show! The feeling is mutual Boxer Brown!
“The show was killer. I never heard Smittix before and you were awesome. Lots of energy, such precision. You guys sound like NOFX made a baby with Sublime & then that baby got pregnant! I loved every second of it. Glad to have played with you guys!. Your original songs were fucking tight as all hell; the fact…… that you took Pink Floyd & The Beatles and made them your own was awesome. When you started playing “The Wall”, I almost shit my pants and then when it finished I was amazed! “Lords of the Underworld” was awesome too. Reach for the skylar! Rick Barton of Continental Band was a really down to earth guy. It’s rare to meet people who have been playing music for that long that are still so humble. It was an awesome night.”
-Charlie Gnarly (Boxer Brown)

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