Numbers Game

Numbers Game

It all started when I a starving artist couldn’t afford to support what I consider modest, I strive to achieve but strife instead of solace trade my wife for a bag and a bottle I have no possessions only ties to this life I now despise full of greed with sinister spiteful demise but diminish the myth that I’m finished I’m fully operational and back in business cause this time I’m sticking to my guns and if the morning comes it’ll only happen once squeeze my fingers and my thumbs make a fist around the sticks that I beat into my drums we may be living in the slums always giving to the bums breathing shit into our lungs, bright fluorescent as the sun at the daybreak, daybreak

Rule #1 have yourself some fun even if you fake it, your life has just begun and how easily could you cut the cord that’s already too short need a little bit more Rule #2 don’t apply to you and Rule #3 don’t applic to me so if we sip a brew and we stick to weed support gun control to strip police, yeah Chorus It’s all a numbers game who ever said there never was a numbers game? It’s all a numbers game who ever said there never was?

No regrets are you for real? I could say it all day but it don’t change the way I really feel cut off my thumbs for everything I steal kill me at once for everything I kill still feel the guilt for destroying what we built cause a flower needs to feed release a seed it needs to wilt but you can see this table is tilt with my glass half empty next minute it’s spilt #4 besides the door under the rug there lies a floor regular drug supply to score up shit creek without a guide support or a paddle we try to oar, 5 o’clock shadow 6 times before 7th battle in times of war, 8 times itself equals 64 -c’mon

Recklessly unrestrained, abandoned like a bastard stranded in the rain I’m laughing but I still feel the pain though I’m saddened by the drought and joyous by the rain, a willow weeps in the silent echo of my screams while angels sleep on the pillows of my unconscious dreams I need guidance before my anger turns to violence beneath the silence I’m inciting riots beneath the bias the world is divided provided us with the seed and injected us with a virus and prophets predicted all things cataclysmic the pyramids, the sphinx, the hieroglyphics It doesn’t take a mathematician to do addition subtraction, multiplication of fractions or division it’s all a numbers game that we play on a regular basis in the faces of your mirror lies a murderer temptation is a temptress, oh, you never heard of her Jezebel, ring a bell? Cast spells like a sorceress so if your fortunate protect your fucking fortress there must be more to this of course there is, it’s torturous

Chorus It’s all a numbers game It’s all a numbers game It’s all a numbers game who ever said there never was a numbers game?