“A tight, catchy blend of punk, ska, rap and rock & roll. These guys are always having fun at a show, absolutely!” – Andrew Gregory, Times Blog (Oct 18, 2012)

“Today you’re not that same band; you’ve evolved into something else and I’m kinda digging it, this is more than what I expected! The songs have certainly matured over the years but the talent has increased as well; I mean the guitar playing, the bass, I mean everything, the drums, the vocals, everything has kinda come together as like a cohesive sound now. The band has formed and it’s come into it’s own, so kudos it’s cool, it’s cool, it sounds really good.”

“They’re musical comrades in arms, with each member’s influences evident in the group’s songs. The contributions blend together to create an identifiable whole, much like a band of brothers.”

“Friendship, improvisation define Smittix; You could call Smittix the jam band of ska-punk.The Albany-based four-piece has always been based in freestyle jamming since its formation in late 2006. It’s not unusual to find the group improvising during its live sets, despite their genre’s fairly rigid song structures and taught rhythms. In fact, the group’s members have taken this jamming ethic to the extreme in their live shows, improvising entire sets at times. ”

“Accomplishments, transformations and comebacks! When it comes to ska or punk, some like it loud and fast, hard and heavy. Smittix have turn to the fun side and make people dance and they do it well. I saw a lot of energy live from this band the first time I saw them live a few years ago.”