SMITTIX-The Ghosts of Ska Punk


Why call ourselves the “Ghosts of Ska-Punk”?

Because if we had been a band in the mid 90’s, we probably could have achieved great success. With the 3rd wave of Ska making its mark with bands like The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Reel Big Fish or punk bands like Rancid and NOFX at the top of their game, we would’ve fit right in.

But fuck it, we never really cared about fitting in any way. Smittix has a sound that’s all our own and we don’t really care much about what category or genre we fall under. We just know that we refuse to conform to the bullshit that is being force-fed down everyone’s throats on the mainstream airwaves. I guess you could say we’re keeping it real. Did we really just say we’re keeping it real? Anyway…

We are fans of music and it is music that we will continue to create. Our first album “Leprenomichaun” was just a warm up, what we have in store for you next could possibly be the soundtrack for the next 20 years. Yeah we took some time off from gigging to be able to concentrate on our new material but we promise that when we return to the stage we will give you one hell of a show.

So even if we missed our hey day, as far as Ska-Punk goes, we’ve discovered a new wave that we consider timeless. Our next album will be called “Souls For Ransom”, and we will be hitting the studio in early 2014 to record it for you. In the meantime and in between time don’t forget about us because we have not forgotten about you.





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