Stream New Song: “Battle of Today” -SMITTIX

Inspired by our Moms.

A few months ago Rob (Vocals) and Jays’ (Drummer) Mom (Marlene) broke the news to the brothers that she has lung cancer. Literally the same week if not the same day Will’s (Bass) Mom (Debbie) informed him that she had a very serious heart condition. Obviously, the band and our families were very worried about what we have been told about our mothers and we knew that we had to do something to help. We needed to write a song.

Lyricist (Rob) began writing but struggled with the words that he really wanted to say; for obvious reasons his emotions were all over the place. The first few song attempts were slow acoustic sad songs layered with feelings of guilt.  He was having a really hard time accepting that he didn’t write a song for his mother before she got sick. An example of the original lyrics: “Why did I wait to write this song? Why do we pray when something’s wrong?” You’ve got the idea but this resulted in nothing more than crumpled papers in the trash. It wasn’t until Rob realized how strong his Mom was being through all of this, despite the battle she was fighting that he realized the song’s message needed to be a positive one . Thus “Battle of Today” was written.

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